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Europa Shard
Launched: October 30, 1998
Time Zone: GMT(UTC+0)
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM
IP Address:
EM Website:

Europa is a European shard and name nominally means "Europe" in Latin, although many other uses for the same name exist, ranging from a moon of Jupiter to a princess in Greek mythology.

Densely populated but not over-crowded, it has a strong community of role players. It hosts player events and story lines, which in some cases are going on for years.

Red activities are not very common and concentrate mostly on Yew. The Shard's friendly and helpful citizens make it a good starting point for new players.

Curiously, Europa shard went live the same day as the Wakoku shard, the first and only time multiple new shards came into existence together after Ultima Online's initial launch.

Event Moderators



Interest Game Masters

(The Interest Game Master position no longer exists.)


(Seers and the player volunteer program no longer exists.)

  • Illuceus
  • Intaria

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