Europa: New Player House

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New Player House.jpg

New Player House

  • Owner: Mim Foxglove
  • Shard: Europa
  • Facet: Trammel
  • Coordinates: 120º S, 37º E
  • Directions: Just to the South of Trinsic moongate
  • Type: House
  • Operational Status: Open


The New Player House is built by Mim Foxglove to provide inspiration and encouragement for the young ones. It was built the first day housing is allowed in Trammel. It is located south of Trinsic public gate, the first house to the south. The house is full of information for new players, basic things and links to good places for more in-depth information. Also items new players need to know about are displayed and often examined. If you have some gold you can buy a cheap good armor. If you don't have gold you can ask for a free set and weapon of decent quality, or a mage suit. You can learn something about skills and templates, written by Veteran players of Europa.

If you are not new you are welcome anyways to have a look and maybe some opinions. If you like what we are doing, help us to direct the new players here!


  • Welcome to UO by Mim Foxglove
  • Ultima Online by Mim Foxglove
  • Character Templates by Cailleach Bheaur
  • Time to get a House? by Molly Foxglove
  • Vendors by Mim Foxglove
  • Luck and Loot by Mary Foxglove
  • You are Dead... by Mim Foxglove
  • Joining a Guild by Mim Foxglove
  • The Thief by Miranda Foxglove
  • The Treasure Hunter by Lady Melody of RAA
  • The Bard by Lady Melody of RAA
  • The Tamer by Galadriele
  • Starting a Crafter by Molly Foxglove
  • Armour by Molly Foxglove
  • The Mage by Mim Foxglove
  • The Paladin by Melissa Foxglove
  • Fishing Made Easy by Lord Esox Lucius
  • About Traveling by Mim Foxglove
  • The Gardener by Morgana Foxglove
  • Repairs by Molly Foxglove
  • New and poor? by Minerva Foxglove
  • Interview by Paidric by Team Paws


Just walk through the city gate southwest of Haven bank. Follow the path till it ends and look for the public gate there. Step inside, and as you already are in Trammel just fill the checkbox for Trinsic, then 15 steps to the south you smash into the back wall of the house!