FAQ Friday 3 - October 1, 2010

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James Nichols, 1 October 2010 13:39:55 EST


Welcome to FAQ Friday - Where we've collected together answers to Frequently (and sometimes not so frequently) Asked Questions within the community.

Want to see your question up here? We select questions from UO Stratics and UO Forums, so head over to your favorite forum community and post your question - we might answer it in a future post!

Please keep in mind that these won’t always address major topics of conversation, this is simply another way of sharing info about the game that won’t necessarily make it into a Producer’s Update or patch note.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Mysticism - From Ls Jax Ls

Q: Are there any plans to balance mysticism so that other mage templates can also be effective in PvP?

Mesanna: We were just talking about this very subject yesterday, yes were are a few plans to adjust mysticism. Stay tuned for updates

Shore Bombardment - From Zanku

Q: Will the new war ships be able to bombard land based installations/ shore facilities?

Mesanna : Currently you are able to shoot on land but it will not harm buildings or any structures

Three Housing Questions - From Edward Striker

Question 1: Would it possible to add to the "Set Security" for homes and/or containers for Alliance Members?

Question 2: Are we going to ever see a foundation update for home customizing that is more in line with all the new things SA brought to us?

Question 3: Are there any new ideas in the work to add and/or improve home customizing?

Mesanna: We are in discussion on the topic of housing but we would rather not discuss this till the final decisions have been made.

Boura Fur - From cdavbar

Q: I have tons of this stuff but cant find any uses for it?

Is there any use for it, and also are their any plans to make it usable on a spinning wheel for tailors to turn into cloth?

Mesanna: Currently there is not a use for these furs but they sure would make some nice fur boots, maybe =)

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