Farspeakers are improved Communication Crystals introduced with Publish 77. Unlike original Communication Crystals that can be bought from NPC Jewelers, Farspeakers are craftable by Tinkers.

Publish Notes

  • 4 Listen Mode Settings – off, public, personal, and spy
  • 4 Volume Settings – off, private, dual, and loud
  • 4 Output Mode – Normal, Show my name, show sender, show both
  • Crafted by Tinkers
  • Improved user interface
    • Can link up to 10 speakers
    • Work across sub-server lines
    • Rechargeable with gem stones
  • Higher maximum number of charges – 5000 max charges or if exceptional 10000 charges


The Tinkering skill is required at a minimum of 80.0 skill points. At 100.0 skill points (maximum for tinkering) success chance is 40%, exceptional chance is 0%. Using a Forged Metal Of Artifacts might or might not yield 100% crafting success. Use of a skill enhancing Talisman is advised, especially if exceptional Farspeakers are required. A Crafting Recipe is not needed to craft.

Crafting the Tinkering item Farspeaker
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
80.0 Tinkering
Ingots 20 Ingots
Copper wire.png 1 Copper Wires
Emerald.png 10 Emeralds
Ruby.png 10 Rubies
100.0 skill = 40.0%
Exceptional Chances
100.0 skill = 0.0%
Additional Notes
The item retains the color of the material used.

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