Faster Casting

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Faster Casting is an item property that reduces the amount time it takes to cast a spell. Its capped at 2 for Magery, Mysticism and Necromancy and capped at 4 for Bard Masteries, Bushido, Chivalry, Ninjitsu or Spellweaving. However, if a character possesses Magery or Mysticism at 70.0 skill or greater then Faster Casting is capped at 2 for Chivalry.

For every point in Faster Casting you have, the casting time is shortened by 0.25 seconds. The casting delay is determined by the spell circle number and is given by 0.25 + spell_circle*0.25 seconds.

Faster Casting is normally a maximum of 1 and is only found on spellbook, weapons, shields, rings, and bracelets.


Items with more than FC1 and items with FC1 that normally wouldn't have it:

In terms of game balance it seems reasonable to allow non spell-channeling, two-handed weapons to have FC2, since it would be the same as carrying one weapon and one shield, both with FC1 and without spell channeling, but no such item is known to exist.


The property can be imbued on weapons, shields, rings, and bracelets. The intensity weighting is 1.4, the ingredients required are


  • Both in-game and on the forums, Faster Casting is usually abbreviated to FC.

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