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Elven Quiver.png
Weight: 2 Stones
Part Of A Weapon/Armor Set (2 Pieces)
Ammo: 0/500 Arrows
Damage Modifier: 10%
Requirement: Mondain's Legacy
Contents: 0/1 Items, 0/50 Stones
Weight Reduction: 30%
Full Set Bonuses:
Increased Weapon Damage: 20%
Self Repair 3
Dexterity Bonus 8
Hit Chance Increase 15%
Swing Speed Increase 30%

Feathernock is an artifact Quiver. Together with Swiftflight, a bow, it makes up the Marksman Set. By itself (without Swiftflight), Feathernock is more or less identical to the Elven Quiver.

Both pieces of this set are considered "rare" and should spawn only from Peerlesses, bosses in the Doom Gauntlet, named Mondain's Legacy monsters, and certain event specific monsters such as the ethereal forms of the Shadowlords.