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1. Will we receive any free gifts to celebrate 9th Anniversary?
Anne "Silvani" Pitkin, Assistant Producer of Pain and Pestilence:
We will be giving out one random piece of either crystal or shadow furniture per character soon. We want everyone to experience some of the great pieces that come along with the 9th Anniversary collection.

2. What is the deal with the Evil Twin?
Patrick "Leurocian" Malott, Dastardly Designer of Death:
Ah, yes. The Evil Twin. Nasty trick that. Evil Twins are dark manifestations that reside from a world ‘outside’ our own. They essentially have all of the traits, skills, and abilities of brave adventurers. It is rumored that the recent experimentation with Blackrock has weakened the fabric of reality and has caused a planar rift between our world and theirs.

3. How many different pumpkins are there? How rare are the black ones?
Tim "Draconi" Cotten, Wild Eyed Designer of Doom:
The Jack o’ Lanterns are a special treat (or trick?) which burst into flames if you smash one on the ground! Just double click it and target it like you would an explosion potion.

Now for the black pumpkins: there is a very rare chance (1 in 90) that a Jack o’ Lantern will become hued black, and when used like a normal Jack o’ Lantern cause a much more devastating explosion.

Be careful though, these rare Jack o’ Lanterns act just like a Conflagration potion.

4. Will there be any further changes made to stealth in or after Pub43?
John "Wilki" Wilkinson, Community Coordinator of Coffin Filling:
There won't be any further changes to stealth in Pub43, however we're planning to monitor the changes and adjust them if necessary.

5. What is going on at the graveyards?
Conrad the Soldier:
Ne’er seen the like in all me years. A man fool enough to step more ‘an six feet into a graveyard is a dead man indeed, mark me words! ‘Tis as though the gates of Doom herself ‘ave opened up in our cursed cemeteries, and those awful stories we tell children went and came true. Well, I don’t have much to say - the mages went off to go find out what’s happening, but they haven’t sent any word beyond some sort of gobbledygook about "portals" and "dimensions" and whatnot. The thing is, and I don’t understand it meself, is that they only seem to appear at night!

Fah! All I know is that my blade’ll dispatch these horrors as well it does anything. Just keep out of our way, and don’t dare try and steal our spoils! I’ve seen some strange things on these corpses, and we mean to make back some gold for our troubles at the least.