Frederic the Ghost

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This is the second part of the quest from Ben the Apprentice Necromancer that begins in Minoc.

Quest Title Details Reward
Save The Father (Quest Chain) Deliver Dread Spider Silk to Leon the Alchemist in Vesper The final reward is a blessed smith's hammer. I haven't used the hammer yet, so I don't know if it has any special properties.

Special note: instead of completing the quest, you can use the Dread Spider Silk on a loom to make the bright white cloth that a lot of people are wearing. I have been told that it is not considered to be an exploit but was an intended aspect of the quest.

This was disabled when Pub 39 went live on Feb 17, 2006, bags of sending no longer will send quest items to the bank, but if you still have silk in the bank, you can spin it into yarn.

How to Make White Cloth

There is an excellent guide on how to obtain the White Cloth from this quest, originally provided by Lord Nexus on The link is here: GUIDE: Making Pure White Cloth

Here is the breakdown of the steps:

  • NOTE You will need a Bag of Sending for this

1. Go to the "The Barnacle" tavern in Minoc and speak to "Ben the Apprentice Necromancer". He will give you the quest "A Ghost of Covetous", and you will receive a quest item-"Spirit Bottle".

2. Deliver the Spirit Bottle to "Frederic the Ghost". He is located between the first and second levels of Covetous dungeon. Sextant Coordinates are: 64o 42'N 76o 55'E.

3. Talk to the ghost, and accept the quest "Save His Dad". This will drop the quest item "Dread Spider Silk" into your backpack. Use the Bag of Sending to send the Silk to your bank box.

4. After sending the silk to your bank box, resign from the "Save His Dad" quest. (Open your paperdoll, click the "Quest" button, select "Save His Dad" and "Resign".)

The "Dread Spider Silk" will remain in your bank box after resigning. You will require one Dread Spider Silk for every bolt of the pure white cloth you wish to make, plus one you send that will be unusable. For example, you need at least two silk piles to create one bolt of cloth, three silk piles to create two bolts, etc.

5. Now, just keep repeating steps 3 and 4 until you have the amount of Dread Spider Silk you want.

6. When you have the amount you want, you are ready to create the cloth. You will need:

 Dread Spider Silk
 Access to a Spinning Wheel
 Access to a Loom
 Regular Balls of Yarn (four balls of regular yarn for every one bolt of white cloth you wish to make)

Any spinning wheel and loom work. If you don't have your own, just go to one of the many tailor shops available throughout the towns and use theirs.

7. Now, go to your bank box and drag all of the Dread Spider Silk BUT ONE. This step is critical. Dragging the entire stack will make all of the silk unusable. You MUST split the pile, and leave one silk behind in your bankbox in order to use the rest.

8. With the Dread Spider Silk now in your backpack, go to the spinning wheel. Double-click the silk, and target the spinning wheel. You get 3 balls of pure white yarn in your backpack for each 1 Dread Spider Silk you spin. Spin all the silk in your backpack until it has all been made into balls of yarn.

9. Now, take the REGULAR balls of yarn to the loom, and double-click the REGULAR yarn, then target the loom. Repeat 4 times. It takes 5 balls of yarn to make 1 bolt of cloth. The bolt of cloth will be the color of the last ball of yarn you use, so now, use 1 ball of the pure white yarn as the 5th ball of yarn to finish the bolt. Voila! One bolt of pure white cloth! Use like any normal bolt of cloth. (NOTE: Use the sewing kit to make the cloth instead of scissors, or you might wind up with 50 bandages instead).