Friends List

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Friends List

Friendslisticon.jpg<br><br> Tellgump.jpg <br><br> The Friends List is accessed by using the Friends List Icon from the Menu bar. It opens the gump shown above and allows you to enter the names of your friends. This allows you to talk to any friend in the game irrespective of whether they are in your Guild or alliance. <br><br>

  • To add a friend, click <Add> and target the Player.<br>
  • To add a friend by ID Number, type their number in the text box to the right of the button and click <Add by ID> (Note: they must be 'in game' or it will say no such player).<br>
  • To 'Tell' a friend something, highlight their name in the list, click <Tell> and type what you wish to say. The text will appear at the bottom of your screen and will appear in your chat window as: Your name: (To Friend's ID number)Text spoken<br>
  • To delete a friend, highlight their name in the list and press <Delete><br><br>

Your friend must also be in KR and online for it to work. If your friend is off-line it will say "no such player (Friend's ID number)" If your friend goes off-line you will receive the message: "Friend Id number_Name has gone off-line". It will also tell you when your friend comes online. <br><br> Friends added to one of your [[|characters will automatically appear in the Friends List of all your characters on the same account.<br><br>

Hints <br><br>

  • If you add yourself to your own friends list it will put your name and ID number in the list. This allows you to see what your characters ID number is.
  • You may also talk to a friend any time by typing <enter>/tell ID_number (if you have it memorized) spoken text - without having to open the Friends list.

Note <br><br> Friends List is buggy at the moment, it doesn't show the online status of friends correctly.