Green Thorn

Green Thorn.png

Green Thorns are harvested from Bright Green Snake Plants or Bright Green Barrel Cacti. They are stackable, and weigh one stone each.

Green Thorns can be used only in those facets where Solen Hives do exist: Trammel and Felucca. In other facets, attempting to plant a green thorn will return the message "No solen lairs exist on this facet. Try again in Trammel or Felucca."

When used on a patch of ground, they have a variety of effects depending on the terrain:

  • Dirt
Spawns piles of Magery Reagents and Fertile Dirt. These vary in quantity from about ten to twenty each, and usually total between eighty to a hundred and twenty in total.
  • Snow
Summons a Giant Ice Worm.
  • Field
Summons a Vorpal Bunny.
  • Swamp
Summons a Whipping Vine.
  • Desert
Creates a hole leading to the hidden Solen nest (used in the Naturalist Quest).
(Note: The hole is not always visible, if you can't see it once you've been told it opened simply double click where you planted the thorn).

After planting a Green Thorn, you must wait three minutes before you may plant another.

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