Guild: Hunters' Gathering


EVNT: May Fish Weigh-in/Net Toss, 5/31 @ 10pmEST

--NitroNatro 19:41, 25 May 2013 (PDT)

EVNT: April Fish Weigh-in/Net Toss, 4/30 @ 10pmEST

EVNT: March Fish Weigh-in/Net Toss, 3/30 @ 10pm EST

HNT: Recurring at Medusa.

MSG: Thanks for hunting with us last night.

HNT: Guild hunt tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

MGS: Happy Holidays!

MSG: Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

ATTN: Welcome new recruits whenever possible.

HNT: Tonight @ Medusa

ATTN: Welcome new recruits whenever possible.

MSG: Happy Halloween!

MSG: Thanks for hunting at Slasher of Veils.

HNT: Friday night @ Slasher of Veils 10/19

ATTN: We've surpassed the 100 member milestone!

MSG: Thanks to everyone who joined us at Lady Melisande.

HNT: Tonight @ Lady Melisande

HNT: Recurring at the Void Pool.

HNT: Tonight @ the Void Pool 06/23.

MTG: Latest meeting minutes are in the mailbox.

MTG: Hunters' Outpost, Fri. 06/08 @ 10 PM EST.

MSG: Some clan titles have been reformatted.

ATTN: We've surpassed the 75 member milestone!

Abbreviation Legend: Hunt (HNT), Attention (ATTN), Meeting (MTG), Message (MSG), Event (EVNT)


Hunters' Gathering [HNT]

We are comprised of two major classes.

Huntsmen & Tradesmen


Huntsmen are divided into four minor clans, each with their individual Clan Leaders:

  1. Musicians' - [n] artist who composes or conducts music as a profession
  2. Shamans' - [n] in societies practicing shamanism: one acting as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds; practices sorcery for healing or divination
  3. Shepherds' - [n] a herder of sheep (on an open range); someone who keeps the sheep together in a flock, [n] a clergyman who watches over a group of people
  4. Warriors' - [n] someone engaged in or experienced in warfare

We venture out to conquer dungeons, quests, and whatever crosses our way! Clan Leaders are knowledgeable in hunts & trades and serve their roles as general guides.


Tradesmen are divided into three minor clans, each with their individual Clan Leaders:

  1. Crafters' - [n] a creator of great skill in the manual arts
  2. Gatherers' - [n] a person who gathers
  3. Scholars' - [n] someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs, [n] a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines

Tradesmen are the businessmen of the guild. Be sure to keep in touch with our tradesmen as they yield a wealth of knowledge and valuables. Clan Leaders are knowledgeable in hunts & trades and serve their roles as general guides.

Guild Leader

Guild Leader: Hunter


Clan Leaders

Crafters Leader: LEO Nead crafter

Gatherers Leader: Sir Martin

Musicians Leader: Admiral

Scholars Leader: Broker

Shamans Leader: Willy Wizard

Shephards Leader: Shadow

Warriors Leader: exzorinitc

LEO Nead crafter Sir Martin Admiral Broker Willy Wizard Shadow exzorinitc

Guild Houses

The Hunters' Outpost shop and headquarters of the Hunters' Gathering [HNT]. The Hunters' Abyss of the Hunters' Gathering [HNT].

Primary Guild House: Hunters' Outpost

Secondary Guild House: Hunters' Abyss


Smithing BOD Reward Calculator: [1]

Tailoring BOD Reward Caculator: [2]

Armor Enhancement Caculator: [3]