Harpsichord Roll

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Harpsichord roll.png
An Harpsichord Roll
Weight: 1 Stone
Anvil Strike In Minoc

Harpsichord Rolls drop directly into your character's backpack from creatures in Ter Mur or the Stygian Abyss Dungeon, and can be used on Harpsichords. They come in 15 different types:

  • A Skaran Lullaby
  • Anvil Strike In Minoc
  • Blackthorn's March
  • Dupre's Night in Trinsic
  • Fayaxion and the Six
  • Flight of the Nexus
  • Galehaven Jaunt
  • Jhelom to Arms
  • Midnight in Yew
  • Moonglow Sonata
  • New Magincia March
  • Nujelm Waltz
  • Sherry's Song
  • Starlight In Britain
  • The Vesper Mist

"Anvil Strike In Minoc" was one of the gift items from the 15th Anniversary gift bag.

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Harpsichord rolls no longer drop in pack. You will find them on the corps of what you killed.