Harvester's Blade

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Harvester's blade.png
Harvester's Blade
Weight: 5 Stones
Spell Channeling
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Speed 2.5s
Strength Requirement 25
Skill Required: Fencing
Durability: 60 / 60

A Harvester's Blade is a special quest reward obtained from turning in a Plucked Turkey to any NPC butcher as part of the Thanksgiving 2009 Quest and Thanksgiving 2010 Quest:

What a fine specimen this is!! Thank you and please accept this for your trouble!

While of modest merit in serious combat, the Harvester's Blade has the special ability to automatically place into a character's backpack any meat, leather, feathers and scales when used on creature corpses, similar to the Butcher's War Cleaver. Additionally, it also yields a bonus 10%(rounded up) of those resources. It is not required to be equipped to skin a creature corpse or receive the resource bonus. It is especially a boon for people collecting feathers and the various types of leather.

The Harvester's Blade is somewhat rare due to the rarity of receiving a Plucked Turkey from a Giant Turkey or their nests.

it is no longer Rare as it can be gotten as a reward from The Huntmaster’s Challenge in Publish 88

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