Hitching Post (replica)

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Hitching Post Replica2.jpg

As of Publish 57, the Hitching Post (replica) is craftable through the Tinkering skill. It can be locked down in player homes and provides the same functions as going to a stable, where a player can claim and stable their pets.

It starts with 15 uses and a Rechargeable number of 2 which decreases each time it is recharged, indicating they only have a maximum of 45 uses before a new one is needed. Unlike the "full" hitching post, which can now only be acquired with real-world cash through the official UO Store, the replica uses a charge both when claiming and stabling a pet. The full version must still be recharged with a Hitching Rope (see below), but it holds 30 charges at a time, can be recharged an unlimited number of times, and only uses a charge when claiming a pet.

To recharge the Hitching Post (replica), double click a Hitching Rope and target the Hitching Post (replica).


Skill required:

Components required: