Horn of Plenty

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Horn of plenty.png
Horn of Plenty
Weight: 3 Stones
Charges: 10

A Horn of Plenty is a gift item given as part of the Thanksgiving 2012. They come in left- or right-facing varieties (may also be turned with a House Deco Tool) and regain one charge per real-world day during November up to 10 charges.

You can now obtain one from The Huntmaster’s Challenge since Publish 88.

Double-clicking a Horn of Plenty uses a charge and yields a random item or action:

Added in Publish 84:

  • A Deed to a Rotating Pig on a Spit house addon.
    • The BBQ pit under the rotating pig can be used as a fire source for cooking.
    • Once per day you can double click the pig to receive either, a platter of pulled pork, or a pulled pork sandwich.

Added in Publish 88:

Added in Publish 95:

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