I Think I Overate

Pepta the royal tastetester.jpg

This quest is given out by Pepta the Royal Tastetester in Castle Britannia's kitchen on all shards, except Siege Perilous where she is located at "The Cat's Lair" pub just south of West Britain Bank.

This quest appeared prematurely with Publish 55. It had been scheduled for a later Publish but slipped through.


Arghhhh... *stomach gurgles* I think I ate too much... Oh no! I have to make sure the rest of the food is alright! Ever since the Council was assassinated *gurgle* I've had to taste everything that comes through this kitchen. Will you help me? I need to make some of my 'Satiety Cure.' If you find the ingredients I'll make you some too!




There is currently a textual bug during the quest where, checking back with Pepta, she will indicate she wants empty bottles. This is a bug as she does not want and will not accept bottles, only the items she originally requested.

Pepta's Satiety Cure