Interactive Quagmire Contribution Statue

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Interactive quagmire colors.png

This statue is a 350,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Moonglow Royal Zoo Collection. It is a decoration for your home comes in three different hues: yellow, peach, and green. When turned on and locked down in your home, it will say different things when walked near. A more simple version is the Quagmire Contribution Statue which does not talk. Double-click the statue while standing in your home to turn on and off.

Interactive quagmire statue.png


  • "The Yamandon has the strength of 10 Bulls."
  • "A cold catch from the sea is a Polar Bear's favorite mealtime treat."
  • "Wyverns have scorpion-like stingers that inject toxic poison into their victims."
  • "The Britannia Royal Zoo depends on Sosaria's fine citizens."
  • "Drakes belong to the Dragon family. When angered they snort fire at enemies."
  • "Silver Steeds are nearly extinct. The few remaining steeds are living mythical creatures."
  • "Quagmire and many other swamp creatures are made almost entirely out of plant material."
  • "Wolves are known to travel to travel in packs."
  • "Cranes are endemic to the Tokuno Islands. Few survive captivity."
  • "The Sphynx is a highly intelligent and dangerous creature."
  • "Changelings are known to imitate their predators and prey as a defense mechanism."
  • "Reptalons are fierce, but can be trained by patient expert tamers."