Jamal the Fisherman

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Found near the entrance to the Blighted Grove dungeon

Quest Title Details Reward
Vile Poison (Quest Chain) Deliver 1 tainted tree sample to Iosep the Trader in Jhelom A step closer to entering Blighted Grove
Continues with Iosep The Exporter Get 4 rock and 2 blue diamond (Minig skill makes this easy) A step closer to entering Blighted Grove
Sympathetic Magic Deliver Bark Fragments to Iosep the Trader (Lumber Jack skill makes this easy) A step closer to entering Blighted Grove
Already Dead Get 10 bone any way you can to fill this quest. Killing shadow wisps and cutting up the bones they drop is one way to finish this quest A step closer to entering the Blighted Grove
Eureka Give Sealed Notes to Jamal the Fisherman Learn the Bone Machete Recipe necessary for entering Blighted Grove
Sub Contracting Obtain 3 samples of corrupted water from inside* the Blighted Grove Get a bag of treasure

* Note: Only a Black Smith is able to craft a Bone Machete. And only when you have a Bone Machete can you enter the Blighted Grove

To get the corrupted water samples, simply enter the Blighted Grove and look around on the ground for bottles of it. They seem to spawn near the silver serpent area. Bone Machete Recipe Quest By MsPinky To actually get the rights to make the bone machete you have to do this quest on your blacksmith and I do believe he needs to be a GM Blacksmith.

Go to Blight Grove and outside to the west is Jamal the quest giver (Jamal the Fisherman name is in Yellow) He will ask for a little green taint tree sample to be taken to Iosep in Jhelom. Chop on the nearest tree with your axe and a very small stack of green kindling will be in your backpack. It is hard to see so look for it. I do not recall any message saying I received it in my backpack. Iosep is in Jhelom a little East of the bank in the Deadly Intentions weapons shop. (172.43'N 1.45'E) He is in the back room area. He will first ask you for 4 rock and 2 blue diamond. Those are mining items. The rock is four pieces of granite and the blue diamonds are mined ones. (You can buy these from a vendor if you wish it does not matter) He will then ask you for 10 dead things. What he wants is 10 bones. You get those from shadow wisps (Spirituality Ish a little east) or giant serpents (Magincia moon gate) you have to cut them up with sissors once you get them. Once you have done that he will give you a sealed letter to return to Jamal. When you will return to Jamal by Blighted Grove. He will ask you for 3 bottles of corrupted water. That is found inside of Blighted Grove. I suggest you use a stealther. You will need to buy a bone machete from a vendor. Return them to Jamal and you will then know how to make the machete. I do believe you have to be a GM Blacksmith.

Bone machete does not requires GM Blacksmithy skill. My crafter with Blacksmithy of 50.3 was able to receive the bone machete recipe after returning a sealed letter to Jamal and has 10% of success chance. The require skill of crafting bone machete is 45.0, therefore I'm pretty sure blacksmiths with 45 or higher skill would have no problem to receive the recipe.