Joachim the Artificer

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Joachim the artificer.png

Joachim can be found at the top of Mount Sho in the Tokuno Islands. He says he creates things.


He will respond to the following keywords when spoken near him.

  • Hi: What was that you say?
  • Hello: Oh, did you say something?
  • Job: Yes, I am busy!
    • Busy: You wish to know what I do?
      • Do: I create things.
        • Things: Ah, you wish to have something made?
  • Ophidian: *blinks*
  • Terathan: *ponders*
  • Invasion: What! Where? Why should I care?
  • Scion: Hmmm...
  • Ricardo: That thief has no idea what he has done.
  • Stolen: That fool! How could he think that any sane person would buy it!
    • Buy: No one would dare buy such an item!
      • Item: If the crown was broken down to its components... hmmm...
        • Components: What is it you wish of me?
  • Build: You wish me to create something?
  • List: Just Bring me the things and I will let you know if they can be used.
  • Complete: When I am done the Scion's Zenith will be delivered to the Britannian Ambassador
  • Are you done?: It is complete. The Ambassador shall have a delivery within the hour.
    • Zenith: The Scion Zenith! That is a powerful artifact.

Hand the following items to Joachim for further answers pertaining to his list.

  • Gold Bricks: These gold bricks will work well to build the framework.
  • Golden Skull: Just what I needed. I appreciate your offer.
  • Grizzled Bones: The power within these bones shall do the trick.
  • Eye of Travesty: An odd object... I believe there is a place for it.
  • Brilliant Amber: Special gems must be used. this one needs some modification.
  • Fire Ruby: Special gems must be used. This one looks just right.
  • Turquoise: Special gems must be used. This one has potential.
  • Dark Sapphire: Special gems must be used. This one will work for me.
  • Pearl: Special gems must be used. This one just may do it ...
  • Ecru Citrine: This one may come in handy
  • Perfect Emerald: Special gems must be used. This one is perfect...
  • Blue Diamond: Special gems must be used. this one should fit nicely.

These items can also be handed in, but don't seem to related to anything.

  • Any Champion Skill: Skull's of power! A few more would be appreciated!
  • Any Drink: Many Thanks. I was indeed needing a drink.

If you discover any new keywords or turn in items, please add them to this page.