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|timezone=Central: UTC-5
|timezone=Central: UTC-5
|maintenance=5:00AM Central
|maintenance=5:00AM Central

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Lake Superior Shard
Small shard icon lake superior.jpg
Launched: October 03, 1997
Time Zone: Central: UTC-5
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM Central
IP Address:
EM Website: lakesuperior.uoem.net

Caligraphy capital L.gifake Superior (LS) is one of the original four production shards. It was established in October of 1997.


  • Lake Superior Event Moderators: Aname, Autolycus
  • You can't spell superior without the word super!
  • Lake Superior has been known for two main things: A large and active RP (Roleplaying community that was well-integrated into life on the shard (that community has declined in more recent years, however), and a large and active PvP community that is known for skill and viciousness.


Guilds are a vital community element, and LS has its share.

Lake Superior Guild Comparison - 1999, 2008 and 2011
In 1999, Lake Superior had 1,548 guilds, as of April 21. In 2008, Lake Superior had 1,003 guilds, as of February 13. In 2011, Lake Superior has 607 guilds, as of April 8.
In 1999, there were 522 veterans in the top ten guilds. In 2008, there were 965 veterans in the top ten guilds. In 2011, there are 517 veterans in the top ten guilds.
In 1999, the top guild was Valiant Knights with 91 veteran members. In 2008, the top guild was Fate with 284 veteran members. In 2011, the top guild is A N N I H A L U S ! ! with 78 veteran members.
For guild purposes, a veteran is a character that has reached his or her skills cap.

Additionally, there were 54 Order Guilds and 73 Chaos Guilds on LS in 1999. However, the Order/Chaos guild system is no longer active.

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