Master Craftsman Talisman

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Master Craftsman Blacksmith.png Master Craftsman Tailor.png Master Craftsman Talisman.png Master Craftsman Inscription.png Master Craftsman Tinker.png Master Craftsman Fletching.png Master Craftsman Carpentry.png Master Craftsman Cooking.png Master Craftsman Talismans are special charms that are available as rewards through the Bulk Order Deed system. They work like regular Talismans, coming with regular crafting related properties appropriate to the talisman type and have an added protection against crafting failure and material loss on failure. These talismans consume charges when they successfully prevent material loss. Once their charges hit 0 they behave as regular talismans.

It should be noted that these talismans do not provide protection for Enhance attempts; for that, see Forged Metal Of Artifacts.

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