Minax's Plan

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2013 Oct 30

Author: EM Drosselmeyer

The crystal crackled and sputtered in her hands as she poured her considerable magic into it, causing the ground around her to tremble with the power...but soon enough it calmed, and nothing had happened. She had assumed as much might happen...a focal point was needed, and the crystal alone couldn't do it. It needed something stronger, something more powerful...and that was when she thought of the perfect spot. And the best part was, almost nobody was ever there. With a wicked smile adorning her face, she gestured over to Shanty. "Attend me, Shanty; I may have need of your particular brand of persuasion if we run into trouble."

A dark, guttural chuckle came forth from the slightly heavyset man, as he drew a large cutlass glittering with magical enchantments. "As yer wish, m'lady. Ah live ter serve, yer know...'specially when it mean gettin' ter 'ave a little fun with ol' Sharkbite 'ere." His tone was affectionate as he patted the flat of the blade along one shoulder for emphasis. A wave of her hands and with the chanting of the words of power, a red moongate opened up, and the duo passed through to their destination.