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|cutuploot= 1 [[Cut of Raw Ribs]]
|cutuploot= 1 [[Cut of Raw Ribs]]
|str=992 - 1166
|str=992 - 1166
|dex=198 - 236
|dex=198 - 236
|stamina=198 - 236
|stamina=198 - 236

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Navrey Night-Eyes

Navrey Night-Eyes is a named, powerful Spider who spawns in the Underworld Dungeon. She is vulnerable to Arachnid and Spider Slayer types. She has powerful spells, powerful hand-to-hand attacks, and the ability to paralyze characters with thrown webbing.

It is commonly considered possible, but difficult, for players to solo-kill her. Some dialogue implies that she effectively rules over one of the Goblin tribes found in the Underworld. It can be found in the Lair of Navrey Night-Eyes, reached through a teleporter at 57° N, 17° W, inside the Underworld.

  • Soloing Navrey Night-Eyes (ETA 40 Minutes): with Magery/Discord.
  • Soloing Navrey Night-Eyes (ETA 15 Minutes): with Magery/Mysticism/Spellweaving. Use the falling rocks for big hits, Rising Colossus to keep her busy, rapid fire fireballs or explodes, WoD when red lined if you have a good focus. Also, with a focus, wildfire. Being a gargoyle also helps to keep mounted speed while having the Rising Colossus on her. Keeping two Energy Vortexes, a Spider Slayer book. Casting explosion off screen, running, casting. At 1% health, Navrey will begin casting greater heal for hundreds of recovery. Spellweaving's word of death would be very useful here.
  • Soloing Navrey Night-Eyes (ETA 9 Minutes): with Magery/Inscription/Med/Focus/Resist/Wrestle/EvalInt. (Stone Shoes/sandals are required to defeat her in under 9 min; set a 1 sec macro to equip/unequip them when she webs you). Start with the stone ruins for the falling rocks. While they're falling to compound the damage, drop fire field under her (she can't move while the rocks are falling on her). While she's frozen, drop Energy Vortexes out of target range to avoid damage from the falling rocks. After rocks are done, cast Curse on her, and run in circles around her casting Flamestrike, Explode, and Fireball (Fireball is fastest and she can't disrupt it much). Use a Spider Slayer spell book.

Respawn time about 10 minutes for Navrey which minimizes camping (Nov 2011)

When paralyzed by her thrown webbing, a character can escape by equipping and unequipping Stone Shoes. Invisibility potions also work while webbed, but will not help when she casts Reveal onto her target.


Navrey Night-Eyes Statistics
Spawn Locations Underworld
Fame 24000 Slayer Vulnerability Arachnid Slayer, Spider Slayer
Karma -24000 Alignment Evil
First Seen Stygian Abyss Pack Instinct None
Gold 2000 Magic Items +/- 5
Special Night Eyes, Bottle of Ichor, Spider Carapace, Tangle, Eye of Navrey Night-Eyes, Untranslated Ancient Tome, Tattered Remnants of an Ancient Scroll, 3.0 Scroll of Transcendence,Level 5 Treasure Map Cut Up 1 Cut of Raw Ribs
Strength 992 - 1166 Hit Points ~55,000
Dexterity 198 - 236 Stamina 198 - 236
Intelligence 162 - 239 Mana 162 - 239
Barding Difficulty 160.0 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 22 - 29 Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 90.8 - 98.2 Poisoning 100.0
Tactics 90.7 - 98.5 Magery 96.7 - 98.9
Resisting Spells 109.5 - 131.9 Evaluating Intelligence 79.6 - 99.3
Anatomy 26.4 - 37.5 Meditation 26.2 - 38.4
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities Ability to paralyze characters with thrown webbing.
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 55 - 65% 45 - 55% 60 - 70% 100% 65 - 75%
Damage 50% 25% --- --- 25%

The Stone Ruins

The stone ruins inside Navrey's lair can be used to activate a secret mechanism which drops a heavy pile of rocks on her. The rocks damage her by about 30% of her overall health. The stones reset every 3-5 minutes. This allows a player to drop the stones on her multiple times each time she spawns.

The mechanism is activated by clicking three stone ruins found inside her lair. Each stone ruin has a little part which is clickable and will change its color for a certain duration of time. To drop the rocks all three ruins must by activated at the same time.

This can either be accomplished by having three characters (one at each stone ruin) or by one character running all three stone ruins.

When trying to activate the mechanism with only one character it is important to activate them in the right order. One stone will stay active for 9 seconds, one for 6 seconds and one for 3 seconds. It is possible to activate the 9 seconds stone, run to the 6 seconds stone and activate it, and then finally run to the 3 seconds stone and activate it.

The timers rotate among the three stone ruins randomly once a day. After activating it, the mechanism has a cooldown timer of about five minutes before it can be used again.


  • Sometimes Navrey spawns inside the pillars and gets stuck where it cannot be attacked.

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