Nether Cyclone

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Nether Cyclone - Grav Hur
Nether cyclone.jpg Mana Cost Minimum Skill Delay (seconds)
50 83 2.25
Reagents Mandrake Root, Nightshade, Sulfurous Ash, Blood Moss
Duration Instantaneous
Area of Effect Within a radius around the Target's Location
Description Summons a gale of lethal winds that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing chaos damage. In addition to inflicting damage, each Target of the Nether Cyclone temporarily loses a percentage of mana and stamina. The effectiveness of the Nether Cyclone is determined by a comparison between the Caster's Mysticism and either Focus or Imbuing (whichever is greater) skills and the Resisting Spells skill of the Target.

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