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An Obsidian Statue is the result of combining 10 sections of an obsidian statue, each of which is obtained as a quest reward for completing The Collector's Quest. Alternatively, you may use the obsidian pieces to activate a Strange Contraption located inside the Solen Hives. Obsidian statues are not rare, but are rather time-consuming to complete.

Obsidian statues first appeared when players began gathering pieces of obsidian and assembling them after The Collector's Quest debuted as part of the Plague of Despair scenario in May 2002.

Statue Assembly

Once you have 10 sections of the statue you may combine them to make an obsidian statue. To combine the pieces, double click one section and target another. It will say "Something Happened" and turn into a larger piece called "A Partially Reconstructed Obsidian Statue". Keep double clicking and targetting the other pieces until your statue is fully formed.

Statue Titles

Statues will come with a random title, of which there are quite a number of possibilities and are listed below. Rumour has it that on occasion they will be named after your character, with odds of anywhere from 1 in 80 to 1 in 1000.

an aggressive cavalier

a beguiling rogue

a benevolent physician

a brilliant artisan

a capricious adventurer

a clever beggar

a convincing charlatan

a creative inventor

a creative tinker

a cunning knave

a dauntless explorer

a despicable ruffian

an earnest malcontent

an exultant animal tamer

a famed adventurer

a fanatical crusader

a fastidious clerk

a fearless hunter

a festive harlequin

a fidgety assassin

a fierce soldier

a fierce warrior

a frugal magnate

a glib pundit

a gnomic shaman

a graceful noblewoman

a idiotic madman

a imaginative designer

an inept conjurer

an innovative architect

an inventive blacksmith

a judicious mayor

a masterful chef

a masterful woodworker

a melancholy clown

a melodic bard

a merciful guard

a mirthful jester

a nervous surgeon

a peaceful scholar

a prolific gardener

a quixotic knight

a regal aristocrat

a resourceful smith

a reticent alchemist

a sanctified priest

a scheming patrician

a shrewd mage

a singing minstrel

a skilled tailor

a squeamish assassin

a stoic swordsman

a studious scribe

a thought provoking writer

a treacherous scoundrel

a troubled poet

an unflappable wizard

a valiant warrior

a wayward fool