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Oceania Shard
Launched: January 28, 2000
Time Zone: Australian EST
Maintenance Time: 5:00AM
IP Address:

Oceania server provides for the South West Pacific. It resides in Australia.


A quiet shard, Oceania has plenty of wide open spaces for new housing, and any player with the gold can find a spare 18x18 plot within just a few minutes of searching. Likewise, Felucca is barely more risky than Trammel to the novice wanderer in that nearly all PvP combat centers on the Britain moongate or the Champion Spawns.

Despite this, the New Haven bank is often visited by more experienced players looking to help the new. Finding a guild to join or fellow adventurers to journey with is seldom a lengthy chore. Oceania has no noticeable server lag and so some non-locals find it just as smooth to play on as their home shards.


Luna, Oceania style

The ever popular Luna bank has some interesting quirks in that items are either missing or duplicated. Players attempting to go through doors might find that there are actually two of the things blocking their path, while the chests in the central area float in the air.

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