One-Handed Weapon

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An Item Property of all weapons is that they either a One-Handed Weapon or a Two-Handed Weapon. Generally speaking and relative to two-handed models, one-handed weapons:

  • do less damage;
  • are faster;
  • allow for shields to be equipped;
  • allow for a free hand, as several actions cannot be taken unless a hand is free:

Bushido, Parrying & One-Handed Weapons

With the samurai skill, Bushido, a character has a greater chance at Parrying a blow if he or she is equipped with a two-handed weapon rather than a one-handed weapon and a shield. Holding a shield will actually decrease your chance for a successful parry. A Bushido practitioner should not wear a shield, even if he or she is using a one-handed weapon.

Weapon Macros

The recommendations related to creating macros that allow for quick weapon switches weapons are mixed. One school of thought is that it is better to experience a slight additional delay by first un-equipping both hands, and then arming, which definitively avoids the "you already have something in your hands" error. Another school of thought advocates creating macros that disarms a specific hand and then equips a specific weapon; proponent claim that the "you already have something in your hands" error is just not an issue.


A brief survey of the forum posts on the subject resulted in the following non-artifact, one-handed weapon suggestions, presented in no particular order:

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