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|reagents=[[Grave Dust]], [[Pig Iron]]
|reagents=[[Grave Dust]], [[Pig Iron]]
|duration=10 Seconds
|duration=10 Seconds

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Words of Power - In Sar
Mana Cost 5 Pain spike.jpg
Minimum Skill 20.0
Casting Delay 0.75s
Reagents Grave Dust, Pig Iron
Duration 10 Seconds
Area of Effect Single target
Description Brings a jolt of temporary pain down upon your enemy. Damage is temporary and will wear off after 10 seconds.
  • Versus Monsters: Damage = (caster's Spirit Speak - target's Resisting Spells) ÷ 10 + 30
  • Versus Players Damage = (caster's Spirit Speak - target Resisting Spells) ÷ 100 + 18

If the spell targets someone already affected by the Pain Spike spell, only 3 to 7 points of DIRECT damage will be inflicted, and 2 seconds are added to the duration.

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