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A parrot is a special type of pet that is more like a house add-on than a traveling or fighting companion. Any player can own a parrot, there are no skill requirements. Once a parrot is acquired, a Parrot Perch is needed for the parrot to live on as well as Parrot wafer.png Parrot Wafers to feed it. Carpenters can make perches, while wafers can be obtained from cooks. Once a parrot is settled into a player's home on it's perch, it will quickly be noticed that it may mimic anything said in the vicinity from time to time, perhaps even to the point of mockery and annoyance. Feeding it a wafer will also cause it to speak a phrase.


Parrots can be found as rare loot drops on monsters that debuted with Mondain's Legacy.

Common Colors

  • Parrot yellow.png Yellow
  • Parrot orange.png Orange
  • Parrot dark pink.png Dark Pink
  • Parrot red.png Red
  • Parrot light purple.png Light Purple
  • Parrot purple.png Purple
  • Parrot dark purple.png Dark Purple
  • Parrot light blue.png Light Blue
  • Parrot blue.png Blue
  • Parrot dark blue.png Dark Blue
  • Parrot light green.png Light Green
  • Parrot green.png Green
  • Parrot dark green.png Dark Green

Rare Colors (so far, only a few BOD type colors have been spotted)

  • Parrot ice blue.png Ice Blue
  • Parrot dryad green.png Dryad Green
  • Parrot bubblegum pink.png Bubblegum Pink
  • Parrot fire orange.png Fire Orange
  • Parrot dark teal.png Dark Teal
  • Parrot periwinkle blue.png Periwinkle Blue
  • Parrot lilac.png Lilac

Parrot Talking

If you spam words in front of them they will sometimes repeat these words.

Beware of your parrots!

They like to get mouthy at the weirdest times. If you have a conversation in a house that has a parrot, they will randomly repeat words or phrases being spoken. This makes it hard if you wish to keep a conversation private, because a parrot will repeat what you say even if you're on a different floor than the parrot, and everyone in the house can see what the parrot says.

If you feed your parrot - player character chefs can make a light green food called Parrot wafer.png Parrot Wafers, found in the preparations section of the cooking menu - it will say something from a pre-selected list of phrases (i.e. you can't teach your parrot what to say).


Parrots begin to show their ages after a week of being on a perch. Axing their perch to move it doesn't affect the parrot's age (so if your parrot is a week old, moving the perch/selling the parrot on the perch will not affect the one week tag). Currently there isn't a way to take a parrot off a perch, so make sure you use a wood color you'll be happy with in any setting (oak and normal wood will probably work best) when you make one.

Naming Your Parrot

To name your parrot, simply drag its health bar out like any other pet, click the name area once and type a name in.