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PaxLair Times is an official PaxLair news service founded in December 2005 by Tatania Karthina, PaxOku Historian. Originally only published in player-books within the Realm as an in-game newspaper, it now includes an Internet-based blog site to cover all PaxLair news. The player-books are located at the Silent Rose Library in Bookcase #17 and listed in the Silent Rose Library books list.

PaxLair Times articles and books are free to be re-published by news services and in-game libraries (unless otherwise noted in the article or book), giving due credit to PaxLair Times.



Tatania Karthina created the idea of PaxLair Times and started publishing editions in the Realm in December 2005. Books were distributed door to door in PaxOku, PaxLair City, and Dragons Watch, and other cities. Archive copies were kept in the Silent Rose Library in PaxOku.

Internet-based Blog

The PaxLair Times blog site started on July 29, 2010.[1] Ashlynn became a consistent and primary news reporter.

The Official PaxLair News Service

The frequency of overall PaxLair news reporting decreased significantly in 2008-2010 mainly due to a lack of reporters and an easy way to publish articles. The PaxLair Times blog site and new reporters allowed Governor Winfield to declare the PaxLair Times as the official PaxLair news service.(reference needed)


In-game books are kept in Silent Rose Library in Bookcase #17 and listed in the Silent Rose Library books list. Anyone desiring copies should reach Tatania Karthina or Winfield. The contents of these books are also archived in the PaxLair Times blog site in category "PaxLair Times Back Issues".[2] The last in-game PaxLair Times book was 2:11 Special Edition published on April 14, 2006.[3]



The PaxLair Times primarily operates through the blog site with reporters writing articles. Ashlynn is the main author and contributor. The blog site is administrated by Winfield.


PaxLair has a guild called the PaxLair Reporters, [PxR]. Not all reporters must be in this guild.

Reporting Interest

Reporting is from an in-game perspective and is generally unbiased to good, evil, and neutral situations.

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