Pigments of Tokuno

The Pigments of Tokuno, also known as Tokuno Dyes, were part of the rewards for participation in the Treasures of Tokuno events.

Similar to Dying Tubs, the Pigments allowed one to dye magic items, artifacts or enhanced items. The "lesser" versions dropped directly into player's packs while killing monsters, while the "greater" colours had to be exchanged for using a collection of minor Tokuno artifacts.

Type Description
Pigments of Tokuno Lesser White.PNG Pigments of Tokuno (Lesser) An unlabeled/uncoloured pigment that removes colouration from the targeted artifact. Came with 10 uses in the first two events, but just one in the third. Available in all events thus far.
Pigments of Tokuno (Neon).png Pigments of Tokuno (Greater, Neon) Available only during the first event, with 50 uses per bottle.
Image Needed.png Pigments of Tokuno (Lesser, Earthen) Unlabeled pigments which came in 30 different colours during the second event. Each bottle had a single use.
Pigments of Tokuno (Metal).png Pigments of Tokuno (Greater, Metal) Available only during the second event, with 10 uses per bottle. Most colours in this set can still be purchased via the Japanese UO website with 50 uses. URL?
Pigments of Tokuno (Lesser, Coloured).png Pigments of Tokuno (Lesser, Coloured) Available only during the third event, with one use per bottle.

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