Powder of Fortifying

Powder of Fortifying (PoF), Powder of Fortification, Fortification Powder, and, prior to November 2003, Powder of Temperament are all terms for an in-game consumable crafting reward that is bestowed upon blacksmiths who complete Bulk Order Deeds (BODs).

Powder of Fortifying "does" one thing, it increases the Maximum Durability of items that have the Durability item property, to the cap of 255. An unused PoF comes with 10 charges. Each charge is good for a 10 point increase in the Maximum Durability of a single weapon or piece of armor. Use of an entire, full PoF will add 100 Maximum Durability points to an item.

Unlike the saturation of Bags of Sending, there is no limit to the number of times Powder of Fortifying can be used on an item.

Powder of Fortifying Immunity

PoF does not work on all items with the Durability item property. UO Community Coordinator Jeremy explained the rationale for the immunity:

"We intend for these items to drop for a while, but don't want to flood the market with them - making them unfortifyable means that they will, eventually, get destroyed if used.... Otherwise, we'd have stacks of them lying around the bank....
This is not a precursor to taking out Powder of Fortification, as some people are speculating.... This is just a means of managing the rarity of these particular items in the game." FoF 9/21/07
  • PoF does not work on the Book of Truth event reward, The Redeemer.
  • PoF does not work on the Virtue Artifacts.
  • PoF does not work on Jewelry.
  • PoF does not work on imbued or brittle items.
  • PoF does not stack (so collecting it can start taking up alot of bank space).
  • PoF can only be applied 3 times to items with the Antique property. Each powder will set the max durability to 250 then 200 and finally 150 after each use.

Earning Powder of Fortifying

PoF also earns a Blacksmith money. Whether at auction or sold on player vendors, the market is firm and constant. In addition to fame and gold, certain BODs drop Powder of Fortifying 90% of the time, when they are returned to an NPC blacksmith.

90% Chance for Powder of Fortifying
10 Small Agapite Normal 10 ·
Small Shadow Iron Exceptional 10 ·
Large Shadow Iron Normal 10 Ringmail
15 Small Agapite Normal 15 ·
Small Shadow Iron Exceptional 15 ·
Large Shadow Iron Normal 15 Ringmail
20 Small Gold Normal 20 ·
Small Dull Copper Exceptional 20 ·
Large Dull Copper Normal 20 Ringmail
Large Iron Normal 20 Platemail
Large Iron Exceptional 20 Ringmail
Large Iron Exceptional 20 Polearm

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