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Deployment History

  • October 13, 2010 - Announced for October 14, 2010 release


The following changes will be made during tomorrows daily maintenance, thank you. -James Nichols

Bug Fixes

  • Pirates will no longer be deleted off player boats when the pirate boat decays
  • Dead players can now interact with the plank of the legacy ships.
  • Players can now dry dock row boats in deep water and from other ships
  • Fishmongers will no longer bark debug barks.
  • Compassion Sage potions will work correctly now. You MUST log out and back in with the potions in your backpack for the potions to work correctly.
  • You can now use Sacred Journey to recall from the ships rune and runebook.
  • Navery will now receive the correct damage from the fallen rocks.
  • Default in the Runebooks will no longer be reset
  • Adding 2 alchemist to the docks where you can find the fishmongers. (This will be manually done tonight)


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