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First TC1 Release – 1/19/2017

Second TC1 Release – 1/24/2017

Origin, Izumo & Baja Release – 1/25/2017

Updated Origin, Izumo & Baja Release – 2/3/2017

Worldwide Release – 2/9/2017

Ultima Store Update – The Wedding Package

Two wedding packages are available from the Ultima Store

Base Wedding Package

  • Magical Botanical Archway Seed
    • Can be redeemed for 1 of 3 different botanical archway house addons
  • Magical Wedding Sewing Kit
    • Groom set includes tuxedo pants, tuxedo shirt/jacket combo, top hat, and engraveable cake topper
    • Bride set includes wedding gown and engraveable cake topper
  • Magical Cake Batter Can be redeemed for 1 of 8 different three-tiered wedding cakes
    • Cakes can be decorated using a cake decoration tool
    • Produce a slice of cake matching the engraving and hue of the cake when used
  • Chocolate Fountain Animated chocolate fountain that produces a chocolate covered strawberry when used
  • Furniture & Decorations – All specially wedding themed
    • 6 Cocktail Tables
    • 6 Covered Chairs
    • 20 Folding Chairs
    • 10 Tabletop Bouquets
    • 4 Standing Bouquets
    • 2 Fancy Candelabras
    • 2 Regular Candelabras
    • 2 Short Buffet Table Deeds
    • 1 Long Buffet Table Deed

Addon Wedding Package

Available to support seating for extra guests!

  • Furniture & Decorations – All specially wedding themed
    • 4 Cocktail Tables
    • 4 Covered Chairs
    • 10 Folding Chairs
    • 6 Tabletop Bouquets
    • 2 Standing Bouquets
    • 1 Fancy Candelabra
    • 1 Regular Candelabra
    • 1 Short Buffet Table Deed
    • 1 Long Buffet Table Deed

Dungeon Doom Update

New Weapon Properties

  • Bone Breaker Items with this property have a 20% chance to inflict a stamina drain over time on targets for 4 seconds, which prevents consumption of refreshment potions.
    • Will not trigger effect the same time when used with special moves.
    • While the wielder has 30 or more mana, victims take additional physical damage, independent of the chance to trigger the stamina drain. This also will not trigger effect the same time when used with special moves.
    • Damage bonus consumes 30 mana and is influenced by Lower Mana Cost
    • Victims receive a 60 second immunity from Bone Breaker

  • Swarm Items with this property have a chance to trigger a swarm of insects on their targets, causing physical damage over time until target takes fire damage or equips a torch.
    • Will not trigger effect the same time when used with special moves.

  • Sparks Items with this property have a chance to trigger devastating energy sparks on their targets, causing energy damage over time.
    • Will not trigger effect the same time when used with special moves.
    • Any post-resist damage done to a target is given back to the attacker as mana.
    • The effect is doubled on monsters.

Combat Updates

Weapon Special Move Update

  • Increased Moving Shot’s hit chance penalty.
  • Moving Shot damage is now always physical regardless of other damage modifiers including quivers and Consecrate Weapon.
  • PvP Only: Armor Ignore direct damage cap on ranged weapons has been reduced from 35 to 30.
  • Increased special move Disarm immunity from 10 to 15 seconds for melee weapons.
  • Increased special move Block duration from 3 to 6 seconds.
  • Decreased Double Shot mana cost from 35 to 30.
  • 30 Tactics & 70 Weapon Skill are required for Primary Moves
  • 60 Tactics & 90 Weapon Skill are required for Secondary Moves

Passive Mastery ability Saving Throw has been removed and reworked as Warrior’s Gifts

Mysticism Update

  • Updated Hail Storm damage distribution to mimic chain lightning.
  • Fixed issue where Sleep was not using its base duration time of 2 seconds.
  • Initial Spell Plague damage is now modified by SDI etc.
  • Fixed issue where Spell Plague didn’t use modified magic resist.
  • Mysticism Mastery ability Nether Blast now correctly damages targets within a one tile radius of the blast.
  • Reduced casting time of Nether Blast from 2.25 to 2 seconds.
  • Increased Hail Storm mana cost from 40 to 50.

Necromancy Update

  • Max resist debuffs no longer stack from Curse and Corpse Skin. The highest debuff for each max resist will be applied. Max resist debuff scales based on modified skill.
  • Corpse Skin max resist debuff calculation now scales based on 100.0 skill average vs 120.0 skill average.
  • Necromancers no longer need to be focused spec for corpse skin to modify max resist of target.
  • Increased Necromancy mastery ability Conduit base duration from 4 to 6 seconds.
  • Mobs under Mastery ability Command Undead no longer incorrectly flag when casting Poison Strike.
  • Resolved issues where Necromancy Evil Omen applied 25% damage bonus twice, was removed when hit for 0 damage, and was removed when target had 0 magic resistance.

PvP Only: Ranged weapon damage calculation update

  • For weapons slower than 3 seconds, the faster the swing speed, the greater the chance damage will be at the low end of weapon damage range.
  • Ranged weapons with a base swing speed slower than 3 seconds will take swing speed into account in the final damage calculation.
  • Reducing weapon swing speed below .75 seconds of base swing speed increases chance of damage reduction per .25 seconds.
  • Potential damage reduction is capped at the minimum damage of the weapon. If your weapon has a damage range of 62-77, the lowest damage roll for your weapon would be 62.
  • Throwing weapon “Sweet Spot” mechanic takes priority when setting minimum damage of the weapon.

Misc Changes & Bug Fixes

Classic Client Updates

  • Added the following game window sizes:
    • 1024×768
    • 1152×864
    • 1280×720
  • Display radius is based on game window size with a minimum 18 tiles and a maximum of 24 tiles.
  • Increased display radius from 18 to 24 tiles.
  • Fixed classic crash related to weather effects

Enhanced Client Updates

  • Increased display radius from 18 to 24 tiles.
  • Fixed enhanced client crash when spellbooks are hidden.