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*A Token of the Zoologist's Gratitude.
*A Token of the Zoologist's Gratitude - [[A Certificate Of Capture]] which grants the title [[Slime Hunter]].

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Lyla is found at the east docks in Jhelom
Light Olive is one possible variety

This quest is given out by Lyla the Researcher who is found at the east docks in Jhelom just in front of the Second Skin NPC armorer shop.

This quest appeared with Publish 57. The quest may only be completed once per character, although one does not need to be on the quest to color items using the acid slimes. The slimes will cease to spawn in late January 2009, according to the Japanese UO website.


Oh, I beg your pardon! I am Lyla, assistant to the Zoologist Iakas. I'm searching for samples from the gelatinous family of slimes - such an amazing species! - for him. They have some monetary value as well, as they excrete a pigment that can be used as a dye. Yet I can't even seem to catch one! They're moving so... well, I've never seen anything like it. If you think you can do better, would you collect three samples and deliver them to Iakas as(sic) the Royal Britannian Zoo? Use these basins - they can hold the slime safely.




This quest is a quasi-event quest as the acid slimes will only spawn for a certain number of days before ceasing in late January 2009. The location of the acid slime spawn changes daily and the location varies by shard(see main article - Acid Slime). Also, a new hue of acid slime will appear every two days.

When found, the slimes appear as an Acid Slime and may or may not additionally have a special color and descriptive hue. Although viciously aggressive and employing Magery, the slimes are nearly impervious to damage and give karma loss when slain, but do no damage despite attacking and poisoning players.

The slimes are quite nimble and hard to keep up with. When cornered or when they pause from their flight to attack, double-click one and then target a specimen basin to fill it. Alternatively, targetting an artifact or enhanced item will dye that item the current color of the slime. Other items, such as exceptionally crafted or unenhanced equipment and Spring Cleaning 2008 armor set items cannot be dyed.

After filling the three specimen basins, take them to Iakas the Zoologist at the Royal Britannian Zoo in Moonglow to complete the quest. The final quest reward item, symbolizing a token of the Zoologist's gratitude, is a blessed deed called A Certificate Of Capture which is redeemable for the distinguished title of of Slime Hunter.

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