Satyr Trick

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The Satyr Trick is similar to the Golem trick (see Method 2 of Melee Training Guide) for warriors and could be considered a cheat. However, EA has not stated that this trick is a cheat and has been around for a while without being patched.

The Satyr trick makes use of the Satyr's Discordance ability to lower your skills and therefore make skill training easier, cheaper, and quicker because you are training at a lower skill level. For example if you are on 90 Alchemy and get discorded by a satyr then your skill level will reduce to around 60 skill; it can be used to train any skill that you can train while mobile but this will become more clear later in this article.


  • You need to be able to access Twisted Weald to do this and you need to either be on, or have completed, the Lorekeeper Calendor the Keeper of Tradition who is located in the city of Heartwood. Young characters can start this quest without any problems.
  • A pack animal, loaded with supplies, of some kind is required. It can be helpful to command the pack animal to stay at the entrance so that it can be picked up easily once you have been discorded.


  • While not essential, the Virtue Armor Set is a great set of armor for training new characters in any skill.
  • The Pixie Swatter is useful.
  • Some weapon skill or capability to become invisible is useful.

The Trick

  • Go into Twisted Weald and find a satyr, or despise trammel and find a satyre and train it to level 10.
  • Attack it by double clicking its gump in war mode and it will attempt to use discordance on you.
  • Let it follow you around until you have been discorded. You will know this because you will see all of your skills drop.
  • Then quickly get through the moongate to leave Twisted Weald or invis the show.
  • When attacking it I recommend you get to the exit as quickly as possible as it will try to provoke other creatures in the area onto you. With lowered skills you definitely don't want a Cu Sidhe attacking you; even a Pixie can be hard to kill if you're young. If they do target you, they must either be killed or you must leave the server and come back.
  • Once you invis the satyr will loose interest in attacking you. However, you are still discorded and you can re-enter without fear of it attacking you; this will NOT however stop critters that may have been provoked onto you from attacking you. This is when an invisibility spell or a pixie swatter with weapon skill comes in handy.
  • Now as long as you stay close to the satyr you will stay discorded until it respawns. Making use of the Alt-Left Click combination to follow the satry around is helpful.

It takes a while to get the hang of it and may several tries before getting it down.

Unlike other debuffs, no icon indicator will appear in the buff/debuff gump while a character is Discorded.

Skill training

Most popular skills to train using this method:

Note: In theory it is possible to combine the Golem Trick and this together to enable you to work on warrior skills.