Serpents Cross Tavern 16th Anniversary

Posted by Sunwolf of Yew Town Council, Atlantic Shard

May 1st, 1998 was the one year Anniversary for a little tavern name Serpent Cross Tavern or SCT. Please join us on May 1st on thrusday for a 16th Anniversary Drink. Seamus will have drinks if you do not see Hendall, just call his name if you would like one. Tavern is always open for all and will be bartenders there off and on during the day, and for most of the night.

To reach the tavern, use Goodman's Hub house, (west of Goodman's Rune Library) NE corner on the bottom floor is a teleport that will take you to the tavern's porch. (Orange Liquor bottle on pedestal & beside Liquor barrel)

The tavern is a felucca tavern, so please do not bring anything valuable also, it is neutral ground. No attacking within the tavern please, or you will be removed, but all rights to defend yourself.