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Shame a dungeon is found just west of the Blighted Grove. It is one of the oldest dungeons in the game, one of the so-called Anti-Virtue Dungeons, or Dungeons of Sin. It is commonly considered a great starting place for newer players or characters, particularly its first level.

Unlike other dungeons, one descends or ascends through black moongates instead of stairs or ramps.

Shame has a total of 5 levels. Monster difficulty roughly increases each level.

With Publish 73 Shame got a major overhaul. New monsters, boss monsters and a new Random Magic Item Generation System were introduced, changing the experience of the dungeon greatly.

Level 1

This floor has Earth Elementals, (which are physical hitters and no magic), Scorpions (can inflict poison), Mud Pies, Stone Elementals and Wall Trolls (which are using the Ogre graphics).

Level 2

With Publish 73 there are now Mud Elementals, Clay Golems and Greater Earth Elementals on this level. The second bridge is secured by a Wall Troll. The sea is still infested with Krakens and Sea Serpents.

Level 3

Same as 2nd floor but add in Archmage Brigands (referred to formally as Evil Mage Lords) which are powerful mages and extremely powerful in groups. Also add in Fire Elementals, which are more or less the same as Water Elementals, just made of fire. instead of water.

Level 4

Very Short Floor. Only 2 hallways and two Eternal Gazers.

Level 5

Everything above, but adding Blood Elementals and Acid Elementals.

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