Shearing Knowledge

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With the new Stygian Abyss expansion, players now finally have access to customizable carpets for their home. Instead of being whole carpets in an add-on deed form, there are pieces of carpet for purchase that can be used in any way needed to make a carpet perfect for the UO home. To be able to purchase and place these carpet pieces the player must be upgraded to the SA content and undertake a short quest chain.

So, let's get started... In order to do the quest to be able to access the carpet vendor's wares, you'll need to have access to Ter Mur, and most specifically to the Royal City. Once in the Royal City, go to the middle square and then slightly north of the town soulforge to the tailor shop. Inside the shop you'll find Laifem the weaver. Double click on her to get the quest offered to you.

Shearing Knowledge Description: (quest chain) Welcome to my little shop!

Don't you just love these beautiful carpet samples? Look at these embroidery patterns! And the intricate knotwork! It was sure worth every gold piece I paid to have these shipped from Vesper.

What's that? No, no, I'm sorry, these aren't for sale! I'm working towards recreating each of these gorgeous styles myself, you see, and just wanted to show my future customers what they might one day expect! By the skies though, how do I even begin learning these new patterns?

I know! If you help me get started, you could be one of my first customers! Yes, that's it - I need to get into the mind of a Britannian crafter, so I need Britannian wool! Real, natural wool, mind you, none of the cheap sort you see on the vendors.

Maybe you could find some by shearing some of those... what do you call them? Sherp? Sheeple?

Objective: All of the following: Obtain 10 Britannian Wool

Reward: A step closer to having access to Laifem's inventory of decorative carpets

You will need to go somewhere to shear sheep, such as the Yew pens. Any sheep outside of Ter Mur will do. After you've accepted the quest, when you shear a sheep you get 2 piles of wool. One is normal and the second is darker in color and labeled Britannian Wool. When you have 10 of these, return to Laifem.

Laifem will be most pleased with you...

Wow! Isn't this amazing? It's so soft, so pure - surely this is the key to my efforts!

  • Laifem skillfully spins the wool into a beautiful ball of white yarn - before you know it, she's staring down at her first attempt to weave a Britannian carpet*

next step in this chain is: Weaving Friendships

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