Ship claim ticket

A Ship Claim Ticket is an old, rare item that was once the means for a player retrieving their ship from a Harbormaster.

Previously, ships could not be dry docked and so would litter the docks of towns across Sosaria. This proved problematic as ships would be trapped by other ships in the harbor as well as new ships not being able to come dockside or be created from ship deeds in a guard zone.

With the Harbormaster, a ship could ostensibly placed in his care and removed from the water. He would issue a claim ticket for the ship which was placed in the player's backpack, allowing for a means of ship storage and alleviating the harbor clutter. A player could later return with his ship claim ticket and exchange it with the Harbormaster for their ship.

Game mechanics were later changed so that players could dry dock ships on their own by double-clicking the tiller man and having it transform into a ship model which was placed in their backpack. For the few ships that went unclaimed, the deprecated ship claim tickets remained as rare items.