Skeleton Key

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Skeleton key.png
Skeleton Key
Uses Remaining: 10
Weight: 1 Stone

Skeleton keys were introduced with Publish 67. They can be obtained from Assassin Supply chests, all facets.

Skeleton Key gives a bonus for each use to Lockpicking skill for the next lockpick attempt. This is especially handy for picking the locks on treasure chests as a failed attempt will result in a Grubber spawning when the lock is finally picked. The Grubber will steal one item from the chest and must be killed to get the item back.

In addition to the skill bonus, Skeleton keys can be stacked to 100 uses. Double click a SK and target another SK to stack them. Unlike lockpicks, which break on failures, SKs only consume a charge on success. A Skeleton Key with 100 charges can be used to open 100 treasure chests of any difficulty. Furthermore, a SK with 100 charges only weighs 1 stone, whereas a stack of 100 lockpicks weighs 100 stones. SKs can also be insured, making them highly useful for Felucca adventuring.

Some players use a Skeleton Key until only 1 charge remains, then turn the key in for Clean Up Britannia points.

Simplified: *A Skeleton Key is like a Lockpicking pick +10* with ten charges ** [*+10 is best guess]

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