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Spell Channeling is an item property that allows Magery spells to be cast without unequipping the Right and Left Hand equipment slots. It is always accompanied by a FC penalty of -1 (which does not count as an additional property), though this may be cancelled out if the item has a FC bonus as well (if you don't see a penalty/bonus, then your casting rate remains the same).

For example, an item displaying spell channeling with a FC of -1 has a single property. A spell channeling item seemingly without the penalty has at least two properties. Keep this in mind when crafting magic items.

On the other hand, some artifacts grant a FC bonus that seems to outweigh the penalty inflicted by the spell channeling property. For example, the Arcane Shield and Boomstick grant spell channeling as well as FC+1.

Spellbooks do not require spell channeling in order to stay equipped while casting. Wands always have this property.

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