Spell Channeling

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The Spell Channeling property allows Magery spells to be cast without unequipping the weapon, shield, or other item.

Often, spell channeling is accompanied by Faster Casting -1, meaning that the item will reduce the caster's casting speed. Some however, spawn without Faster Casting -1, and thus have no effect on the caster's casting speed. (Sometimes these items are still sought after, the decreased time being compensated for by other items. For example, a weapon with Faster Casting -1 can be balanced out by having a ring with Faster Casting 1 and the Ornament of the Magician which has Faster Casting 2, for a "total" Faster Casting of 2, the maximum for magery, despite the -1 penalty from the weapon.)

Some artifacts, such as the Arcane Shield, have Faster Casting +1, meaning that the item actually increases, the caster's casting speed.

One spell channeling artifact, the Legacy of the Dread Lord, has Faster Cast Recovery 3, meaning that it decreases the "wait time" between spells but has no effect on casting time.

This property normally appears only on weapons and shields, but it also appears on the Twilight Lantern, the Candle Blessed by Love, and the Purified Candle.