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  The Bloody Brew

As you first walk into the building, you find yourself in the tavern, more often than not staffed by Edwin McCormick. Be sure to say hello. Here you can take a stool and order up a fresh mug of our finest collection of worldly ales, liquors, and brews. We famously house our own private labels --- Pandora's perfect pinot noir.png Pandora's Perfect Pinot Noir (Red Wine) and Lair's Red Mist (Red Wine Spritzer). We also are surely to stock some of the land's best known labels such as Olympus Rum and Aegis Brandy. Some of our lesser known items on the menu hail from a collection crafted by our half-breeds skilled in Mixology... but that's a secret you would never know. Many come on Thursday evenings from far and away places to enjoy their time at the Brew.