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! style="background-color:#9F3215; padding:5px"| <font color=#FFFFFFF>Statues</font>
! style="background-color:#9F3215; padding:5px"| <font color=#FFFFFFF>Statues</font>
|[[Small Statue (south)]]<br>[[Small Statue (north)]]<br>[[Small Statue (east)]]<br>[[Pegasus Statuette]]
|[[Small Statue|Small Statue (south)]]<br>[[Small Statue|Small Statue (north)]]<br>[[Small Statue|Small Statue (east)]]<br>[[Pegasus Statuette]]

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  • Stone comes in all of the colors of the various metal ores. Items crafted retain their colors.

Large Vase
Small Urn
Tower Sculpture
Gargish Painting
Gargish Sculpture
Gargish Vase
Stone Chair
Medium Stone Table (east)
Medium Stone Table (south)
Large Stone Table (east)
Large Stone Table (south)
Small Statue (south)
Small Statue (north)
Small Statue (east)
Pegasus Statuette
Misc. Add-Ons
Stone Anvil (south)
Stone Anvil (east)
Large Gargish Bed (south)
Large Gargish Bed (east)
Gargish Cot (south)
Gargish Cot (east)
Stone Armor
Gargish Stone Arms
Gargish Stone Chest
Gargish Stone Leggings
Gargish Stone Kilt
Large Stone Shield
Stone War Sword