Test Center

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Test Center Shard
Launched: As Needed
Time Zone: Unknown
Maintenance Time: Varies
IP Address:

Test Center is a special shard where players can go to test out upcoming changes. Players can manually set their Skills and Stats to whatever settings and combinations they choose on the fly and they can also copy their current characters on their home shard using Character Copy option. Resources, artifacts and many other items are provided for free to facilitate testing as well. Once testing is complete the shard is usually taken down or wiped for the next set of changes.

Test Center is usually listed in the shard selection menu after account login as Test Center 1 and is sometimes referred to colloquially by UO players as "TC".


  • help commands

Change Skill levels

  • use "help skills" to get a list of all skills and their proper names
  • set [stat name] [value]
    • where Value is from 0 to 1200

Set Stats:

  • set dex [number]
  • set str [number]
  • set int [number]

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