The Mysterious Healer

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The Mysterious Healer in the Fishing Village northwest of the Royal City.

The Mysterious Healer was a hooded quest NPC found at the Fishing Village at the northern end of Ter Mur, which had been set up as a quarantine area for infected gargoyles.

When double-clicked, he gave out a pair of books, A Plea For Help and Laboratory Instructions as part of the sixth act of The Awakening event cycle. The books explain which items to gather to create a Cure for the great gargish blight.png Cure for the Great Gargish Blight as well as how to use the lab equipment, a sort of puzzle game to produce dosages of the cure.

Cures could be turned into the hooded figure to assist with saving infected gargoyles who will literally die right and left. It was later revealed with the fiction The Awakening - Act VII, Part 2 that the healer was actually Lord Blackthorn.

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