Truth and Redemption

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This quest is given by Maxim the Seeker of Truth. He can be found in the Lycaeum, located north of Moonglow on Verity Isle. He first appeared in January 2006 as part of the Blackrock events. This quest can only be completed one time per character and can not be taken on if you already have another Book of Truth collection quest.


Thank you for responding to our call for help. As you know, dark entities from beyond our world have stolen the Book of Truth. To keep us from finding the books, which are carried by the denizens of dungeons Covetous, Decet, Destard, Hythloth, Shame and Wrong. Return 25 of these copies to me, and I shall reward you with a sword unlike any other in the lands.



  • The Redeemer - The hardest hitting sword in the game to date