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Welcome visitor! You have been lucky enough to locate what should become the greatest of all Ultima Online resources. If you have no yet created a bookmark to this site, make sure you do. The best page for a bookmark would be the Main Page, as it will be updated the most.


UOGuide could best be described as an encyclopedia. One of the goals of this site is to list all possible information about UO as impartially as possible. It won't be done overnight, but will grow slowly and steadily. This site grows mainly through community contributions. To that end, UOGuide can be edited by anyone (including you) at any time on almost any page.

How Can I Help?

At the moment, this site is in need of content in many areas. There are two ways you can help out:

Update/Add to Existing Page

On most pages you will see an "Edit" tab at the top. Click the link and it will take you to the source for that page. You can now update or add to the content for that page. If you need help with styling, make sure you reference the Help page. Once you think you are completed, click the "Show Preview" button near the bottom to review your work. If everything looks ok press the "Submit" button. If not, make more changes and preview the page again.

Create a New Page

If you have a new topic you would like to write about, you can create a new page for it. In the search box, type the title for your page (with proper capitilization) in the search box and press "Go". It will say "There is no page titled "Your Page"." (which is good!) and ask you if you want to create it. Click that red link to start your new page.