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Welcome visitor! You have been lucky enough to locate one of the greatest Ultima Online resources. If you have not yet created a bookmark to this site, make sure you do. The best page for a bookmark would be the Main Page, as it will be updated the most.

UOGuide can best be described as an encyclopedia. One of the goals of this site is to list all possible information about UO. This site grows mainly through community contributions. To that end, UOGuide can be edited by anyone (including you) at any time on almost any page.

How Can I Help?

There are several things you can do to help enhance and grow UOGuide.

Register an Account

Have you ever posted on a forum before? Editing pages on UOGuide is the exact same process. If you can post on a forum, you already know how to edit UOGuide! You use the same account on UOGuide that you use on the forums. If you need an account, go to the register an account page on UOGuide Forums. With 7,945 pages of information, we could use your help keeping it up to date.

Edit a Page

When logged into our site, you will see an "Edit" tab at the top. Click the edit tab and it will take you to the source content for that page. You can now update or add to the content for that page. Once you think you are done, click the "Show Preview" button near the bottom to review your work. If everything looks okay press the "Submit" button. If not, make more changes and preview the page again.

Don't worry about making it look pretty. The most important thing is the information you have is now available to everyone. If you would like to learn more about how to format text in bold or add images, take a look at the Help page. A link to Help is always accessible in the left menu.

Are you worried about screwing something up? We have a special page called UOGuide:Sandbox where you can test out editing as much as you want.

Create a New Page

Red links on the site indicate a page needing to be made for that topic. Clicking on any red link will bring you directly to begin making it. Or you could use the following form to make a new article.

Promote UOGuide

When someone has a question about something and you know UOGuide has the answer, link them to the page. It is very easy to remember UOGuide pages because the URL structure is simple. For example, if someone wants to know about all the Spellweaving spells, link them to the Spellweaving page by giving them the url:

  • www.uoguide.com/Spellweaving

Another method you can help UOGuide is by linking to it on your UO related websites. Any link is fine, including a simple text one. Here are a couple banners you can also used:



  • Note: please save and upload the images to your own web space

Becoming Staff

Regular contributors to UOGuide may be asked to become part of the site staff. This will allow you to edit protected pages, such as the Main Page. You will also be able to provide input on site direction and new features.

Some people may also be promoted if they want to do a specific task, such as updating news on the main page.

Current UOGuide Staff

The following lists the current UOGuide staff and their titles.